Frequently Asked Questions

Please call us at 1-833-OKDRS4U and we will start the process to provide you with qualified and loyal job candidates in your area.

Yes. Either a Rehabilitation Counselor or Business Services Liaison will provide the follow up as needed. (Link to the website that has Liaison contacts and find office link.)

We have trained and certified staff to present these topics. Call us to schedule training at 1-833-OKDRS4U.

Yes. We have staff who are experts in awareness training for specific disabilities. We also have information on disability courtesy that can be made available to you and your staff.

Yes. We will provide you with information on Work Opportunity Tax Credits and Native American tax credits. We can also refer you to Oklahoma Employment Security Commission for more in depth training and information regarding tax credits.

Federal Bonding Program provides individual fidelity (honesty bonds) to employers for job applicants who have a barrier to employment. Any at-risk applicant is eligible for bonding services. Contact us at 1-833-OKDRS4U for more information.

Yes. Please check out our Courtesy Rules on this website. We can provide free training on how to interact with people with disabilities.

Please call our Business Concierge line at 1-833-OKDRS4U. We will provide you with the contact information to our Vocational Rehabilitation or Visual Services Division in your area.

Yes. DRS Business Services Program is here to cater to your business needs in the area of employment. We also need to be informed of other needs you may have in the area of employment. You can also help us by providing an on-the-job training experience for our consumers so they can gain the necessary skills to become employable in your area of business and also gain transferable skills at no cost to you.