Oklahoma Disability Statistics

Putting it into Perspective

The Prevalence of Disability in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Map with 632,400 of the 3.8 million individuals in Oklahoma reported one or more disabilities.

2015 data from the American Community Survey / Census
Note: Most data does not include persons living in nursing homes or institutions.
• Oklahoma population, civilian, noninstitutionalized, in 2015: 3,830,329
• Oklahomans with disabilities, civilian, noninstitutionalized: 597,084
• 15.6% of Oklahomans – almost one in six - have disabilities.
• Year 2010 population in nursing homes: 21,678
• 189,396 Oklahomans (all ages) have hearing difficulties.
• 128,037 Oklahomans (all ages) have vision difficulties.
• 208,732 Oklahomans (age 5 and up) have cognitive difficulties.
• 322,083 Oklahomans (age 5 and up) have ambulatory difficulties.
• 104,672 Oklahomans (age 5 and up) have self-care difficulties.
• 190,438 Oklahomans (age 18+) have independent living difficulties.
• 320,510 work-age Oklahomans (18-64) have disabilities.
• In 2015, 24.5% of Oklahomans age 16 and over with disabilities were employed, compared to 66.9% of persons without disabilities.
• In 2015, 72.9% of Oklahomans age 16 and over with disabilities were not in the labor force, compared to 29.5% of those without disabilities.
• 230,237 or 41.3% of Oklahomans age 65 and over have disabilities, not counting persons living in nursing homes or other institutions.
• Oklahomans with disabilities are poor at a higher rate than Oklahomans without disabilities. In 2015, 20.8% of persons with disabilities age 16 and over had incomes below the federal poverty level, compared to 12.7% of people without disabilities. More persons with disabilities also lived in near poverty. Altogether, 34.7% of Oklahomans with disabilities age 16 and over had incomes below 150% of poverty, compared to 21.6% of people without disabilities.

Population Comparisons

Oklahomans with disabilities 597,084
Population of City of Oklahoma City (2010) 579,999
Population of City of Tulsa (2010) 391,906
School enrollment K-12 (ACS 2011-15) 680,613
Oklahomans age 65 and over (2015) 557,971
Civilian veterans (ACS 2011-15) 295,847

Follow this link to Cornell University's Disability Statistics website. There you may locate many various statistic for people with disabilities.

Check out the report presenting prevalence and relative economic status of Oklahomans with disabilities: Oklahoma Status Report. The 2016 Oklahoma Disability Statistic Report in a PDF version for downloading and printing.

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