Rights and Responsibilities in American Sign Language

There is no audio for these videos. We have created them for our clients who are deaf and American Sign Language is their primary form of communication.

Part 1

In this video:

  • What is Vocational Rehabilitation?
  • How do VR programs work?
  • What kinds of services can consumers get?
  • What if I need assistance to make services available?
  • What do VR services cost?
  • What is the Client Assistance Program (CAP)?

Part 2

In this video:

  • The Vocational Rehabilitation Process
  • Steps in Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Step 1: Applying for VR services
  • Step 2: Evaluating your disability
  • Step 3: Determining your eligibility
  • Step 4: Planning your services
  • Step 5: Receiving VR services
  • Step 6: Getting a job
  • Step 7: Using post-employment services

Part 3

In this video: DVR/DVS Responsibilities

Part 4

In this video: Your Responsibilities

Part 5

In this video: Appealing Decisions