White Cane Awareness - Freedom to Achieve - transcript

Voice over: White Cane Awareness

Woman: My dog he helped me to get around, you know, going with me.

He normally walk on my left side and he is not supposed to be petted. He is working. He goes beside me and we walk together. I hold the harness and when he is walking I can feel his steps I can feel how he's going. He normally tried to pull me away from the road. We have a very good relationship. He knows me and I know him.

Sometimes he just look back to see if everything is okay. He's trained to help me. He's trained to show me where i need to go. sometimes when my cane… when the dog stops I need to have a little cane with me also. The white cane and I use that to find the things… the dog sometimes is stop and he is unsure, I need to get the cane and find out what is stopping him.

The white cane give me freedom I can say that. It's a… you know, when you see and then you lose your vision, you get very afraid… you have all this insecurity to go places and to you know, bump into people and bump into things, drop things… You don't want to be embarrassed. With the white cane I feel that doesn't happen because I can feel where I am and I can feel where I'm going. That helped me really to achieve to get to places to, you know, to be free to go and come.
Sometimes when we lose our vision we lose that ability, we feel we cannot do it anymore but when we have the cane and we… the white cane… and we use it, that really make a difference in our lives. That really make us feel free and to feel able to do what we need to do.

Voice Over: This video starts with footage of woman on a video call. As she speaks there is a video of her walking with her guide dog in a neighborhood. They stop wait for traffic and cross the street. Then the video changes showing her and the dog going into a grocery store and coming out and walking across the front.

White Cane Awareness

Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services