BancFirst of Stillwater Low Interest Loans For Assistive Technology

Any Oklahoman with a disability could apply for a loan from BancFirst of Stillwater to purchase any type of assistive technology at a 5% fixed interest rate for up to 36 months. The most common types of assistive technology purchased through the AFP are: hearing aids, modified vehicles, and specialized computer related products.

Oklahomans can access the low interest loan by contacting BancFirst of Stillwater. A BancFirst consumer loan application is provided for individuals to complete. If the loan applicant meets the BancFirst underwriting criteria, the loan can close as soon as BancFirst of Stillwater receives the client’s signed loan documentation and an invoice from the vendor. If the applicant is denied a BancFirst loan or required to have the loan collateralized, with a release of information, the Oklahoma Assistive Technology Foundation (OkAT) determines if the person qualifies for a guaranty loan. OkAT has a fiduciary responsibility to maintain a permanent loan program and an expectation that the borrower will repay his/her loan.


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