Chapter 13 Support Groups

Section 1: Support Groups

Subsection A: Amputees

Amputee Coalition of America

The Amputee Coalition is the nation’s leading organization on limb loss, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care and preventing limb loss. With the generous support of the public, the organization is helping amputees live well with limb loss, raising awareness about limb loss prevention and ensuring amputees have a voice in matters affecting their ability to live full, thriving lives.

900 E. Hill Ave., Ste. 390
Knoxville , TN 37915

Toll Free: 


Scott Sabolich Prosthetic and Research

Advanced prosthetics research, fitting and design.

OKC office Facebook page:

10201 N. Broadway Ext.
Oklahoma City , OK 73114



Tulsa Amputee Group Support (TAGS)

Amputee Support Group. Meets at 6:30PM the first Monday of each month.

815 S. Utica Ave.
Tulsa , OK 74104