Chapter 13 Support Groups

Section 1: Support Groups

Subsection P: Vision Loss

Tulsa Council of the Blind

The Tulsa Council of the Blind is a chapter of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind. It was created by a group of blind individuals in the 1940s and served several functions. Over the past decades, TCB has been involved in legislative and other forms of advocacy in behalf of blind and visually impaired people, particularly on a local level. We have worked hard to develop public transportation, sidewalks, and acceptance of visually pmpaired people in all aspects of society.

Their monthly meetings are held from 5:30-7:30 pm, on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Delta Cafe, 11101 E 41st St. Tulsa, OK.



Visual Impairments Support Group

Anyone with a visual impairment is welcome to attend this support group at the Claremore Community Center. Those who are interested in working with people who are visually impaired are also invited. There is no charge to attend. Call for dates and times.

Claremore Community Center
2301 N. Sioux Ave.
Claremore , OK 74017