ESS-C-338 R4 (4-weeks Employment) Milestone Report (Rev. 2022-09-22)

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The ESS-C-338 R4 (4-weeks Employment) Milestone Report will be used in both the Supported Employment (SE) and the Employment and Retention (E&R) contracts. The EC will document the individual's progress and challenges identified during the first 4 weeks of employment. The EC will document their level of performance, and strengths identified by the employer, EC, or individual and describe how they are being reinforced. The EC will also document any areas of job performance that need improvement and describe steps taken to address the issue(s). The EC will document the training and support provided and how the individual relates with the supervisor and co-workers. The individual must work at least 40% of the weekly work goal stated on the Individual Plan for Employment (IPE).


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Revised 2022-09-22