ESS-C-213n O*NET median hourly wage documentation (for in-house placement only) (Rev. 2022-09-02)

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Instructions for ESS-C-213n (O*NET median hourly wage documentation) for in-house placement only when hired by a contractor.

For us in contracts SEC, ERC, JPC, JOBSC, and SESC

When the individual is hired by the Contractor, prior to the first (1st) day of work, the O*NET median hourly wage documentation for the respective region or city must be e-mailed to the DRS Counselor and ESS TA along with the Pre-Placement Information Form. The breakdown of the hourly wage and hourly health and/or wellness benefit(s) when applicable, must be documented in the comments box of the Pre-Placement Information Form.

A copy must be submitted for payment with the required documentation when applicable to the DRS Counselor and ESS TA. It must be maintained in the individual’s Case Documentation file.


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Rev 2022-09-02