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People with Disabilities Awareness Day 2023

Are you ready to network? Celebrate outstanding accomplishments? If so, join us for People with Disabilities Awareness Day from noon to 4 p.m., March 7, 2023, at the Oklahoma History Center.

Let's take action! Plan on coming, bring a friend or two and network with the more than 70 disability-centric exhibitors. They bring a wealth of information and might introduce you to new programs.

Celebrate success! Stay and congratulate our Awareness Day Award Winners.

We are back at the Oklahoma History Center and the event is free to all who want to attend. The venue is ideal for talking with exhibitors and an outstanding place to showcase the award winners.

What about Legislative visits?

While the event is not at the state Capitol we still hope you use the day to reach out to your lawmaker. If you can't visit in person, make a phone call, type an email, or post to your favorite social media and tag a representative or senator. Tell them how they can best serve the disability community best.

We don't want to miss our opportunities just because we are across the street. It's a time to learn to advocate for yourself, for your family or on behalf of those you work with. This day is still your opportunity to explain the positive impact of critical disability programs.

Look up your legislator here.

Join us at the Oklahoma History Center

an airplane inside the building suspended from the ceiling.

This year we will be hosting PWDAD at the Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. This beautiful facility is not only made for our event by being able to hold the large number of exhibitors that we are used to but our awards program as well. No elevator waits - it's all on one floor.

Admission to the building and PWDAD is free. The doors to the museum exhibits will be open thanks to the Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council sponsoring the entry fees.

Visit the Oklahoma History Center's website

Oklahoma History Center

Special Thanks

Be sure to plan to visit the History Center's exhibits. This year, the doors to the exhibits will be wide open thanks to Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council for paying everyone's entrance fee.

Thank you ORC for making a great day even better!

ORC Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council logo

PWDAD 2023 Awards Program

Every year we honor individuals who make a difference for the disability community, either by being an example or paving the way for success. We will honor our People with Disabilities Awareness Day Award winners at 3 p.m. in the Chesapeake Room.

Don't miss DRS Executive Director Melinda Fruendt and Commissioners Theresa Flannery, Wes Hilliard and Jace Wolfe presenting the honors.

With the right tools, we will build independent lives. 2023 People with Disabilities Awareness Day. March 7, Oklahoma History Center.


Noon: Registration and Exhibits open

3 p.m.: Awards ceremony

4 p.m.: PWDAD closes

Be Seen, Wear Green

the green pwdad shirt

Let's stand united! Be Seen, Wear Green! Any green or a PWDAD t-shirt, we're not picky.

Unity comes in all forms, this year we are excited to tell you about the PWDAD t-shirts. We have created this PWDAD design and are making them available for anyone who would like to purchase one. If you can't purchase the t-shirt - wear green and be seen.

Get your orders in six weeks before the event, so you can be styling there.

Check out the t-shirts.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need help registering, please call us at (405) 951-3478 or email, [email protected].

Add PWDAD to your calendar

PWDAD Event Flyer

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Check out the event flyer and help us spread the word by sending it to all your friends. Tell them how important it is to inform our state Legislators about the issues that affect the disability community and for all of us to stand united.

Flyer - Standard Print  | Flyer - Large Print | Flyer - Braille

PWDAD Many exhibits too

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People with Disabilities Awareness Day always has great exhibits with a vast assortment of information and key people to get to know. We will provide a list when this information is available.

Let's get social - #PWDAD2023

See you there!