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Be an Exhibitor at People with Disabilities Awareness Day

Table layout for Chesapeake Room

See alphabetical list below the three images.

Floor plan of the table set up in the Chesapeake Event Center

Table layout for Devon Great Hall

Floor plan set up for the Devon Great Hall

Table layout for West Family Wing

floor plan of the West Family Hall

This year's Exhibitors

Organization name, hall, table no. section
Ability Connection Oklahoma, Devon, 32, Blue
ABLE Tech, Chesapeake, 3, Green
ALS Association, West Family, 61, Purple
Autism Foundation of Oklahoma, West Family, 69, Purple
Bios Corporation, West Family, 62, Purple
Blessings to Share Foundation, West Family, 73, Yellow
Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma, Devon, 29, Blue
Brain Injury Recovery Foundation, Devon, 51, White
Brainxcite, Devon, 38, Blue
CaptionCall, Devon, 39, White
CAREGIVER Magazine, Devon, 53, White
Central Oklahoma Camp , Devon, 46, Brown
Central State Community Services, Devon, 48, Brown
Developmental Disabilities Council of Oklahoma, Devon, 30, Blue
Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma, Devon, 33, Blue
DRTC, Devon, 49, Brown
East Central University Counseling , Chesapeake, 19, Black
EMBARK, Devon, 37, Blue
Epilepsy Foundation, Devon, 34, Blue
Galt Foundation, West Family, 67, Purple
Gatesway Foundation, Inc., West Family, 75, Yellow
Genuine Care, Devon, 52, White
Inclusive Post Secondary Education Alliance , West Family, 73, Yellow
IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service, Devon, 44, White
Legal Aid Services of Okla., Inc., Fair Housing Project, Devon, 43, White
Make Promises Happen, Devon, 46, Brown
MedCerts, LLC, Devon, 31, Blue
Medicare Assistance Program, Oklahoma Insurance Department, Devon, 57, Brown
Mobility One Transportation, Chesapeake, 9, Green
NanoPac, Inc., Chesapeake, 5, Green
National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma, Devon, 40, White
NewView Oklahoma, West Family, 65, Purple
Office of Disability Concerns, Chesapeake, 18, Black
OK IPSE Alliance, Devon, 50, Brown
OKC West Side Lions Club, Devon, 59, Brown
Oklahoma Adaptive Sports Association (OKASA), West Family, 70, Yellow
Oklahoma City Mayor’s Committee on Disability Concerns, Devon, 54, White
Oklahoma Council of the Blind, Chesapeake, 8, Green
Oklahoma Department of Human Services
  Developmental Disability Services, Chesapeake, 1, Green
Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services
 Business Services Program, Chesapeake, 20, Black
 Disability Determination Services (DDS), Chesapeake, 6, Green
 Oklahoma School for the Blind, Devon, 26, Blue
 Oklahoma School for the Deaf, Devon, 28, Blue
 OSD Equipment Distribution Program, Devon, 27, Blue
 Transition Services, Chesapeake, 25, Black
 Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Chesapeake, 14, Red
 SBVI Assistive Technology, Chesapeake, 13, Red
 SBVI Business Enterprise Program, Chesapeake, 16, Red
 SBVI OK Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Chesapeake, 12, Red
 SBVI OLBPH Accessible Instructional Materials, Chesapeake, 11, Red
 SBVI Older Blind Program, Chesapeake, 15, Red
 Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Chesapeake, 22, Black
 VR Accessible Technology Unit, Chesapeake, 23, Black
 VR Bennefits Planners, Chesapeake, 21, Black
 VR Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Chesapeake, 24, Black
Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs, Devon, 42, White
Oklahoma Family Network, Devon, 36, Blue
Oklahoma Occupational Therapy Association, Devon, 52, White
Oklahoma People First, Inc, West Family, 72, Yellow
Oklahoma Rehabilitation Council, Chesapeake, 4, Green
Oklahoma State Department of Education, Chesapeake, 10, Red
Oklahoma Statewide Independent Living Council, Devon, 55, White
Oklahoma Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Council (OKTVR), Devon, 60, Brown
Putnam City Schools Family and Community Engagement , Devon, 45, Brown
ReSee Me NETWORK, Chesapeake, 7, Green
SLRS, Devon, 58, Brown
Sooner SUCCESS, West Family, 74, Yellow
Springs Incorporated, West Family, 63, Purple
Supporters of Families with Sickle Cell Disease, Devon, 41, White
Tech-Now Inc., Devon, 47, Brown
The Arc of Oklahoma, West Family, 66, Purple
Tourette Association of America, Devon, 35, Blue
United Access, Devon, 56, Brown

The Facts

Who: You and everyone you can bring!

What: Network with the public and other disability organizations

When: Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Time: Noon to 4:00 pm

Where: Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105

How: Wear green or the new tee-shirt. Visit with other exhibitors. Attend the awards program.

an exhibitor speaks to a guest

PWDAD Exhibitor information

Being an exhibitor at People with Disabilities Awareness gives disability-related organizations the opportunity to meet a large number of people with disabilities, their family members or those who advocate for them. You can also be able to reach Senators or Representatives or their staff about the valuable work your organization does.

If you are an exhibitor and registered yourself and your table workers, you will be notified a week before as to your table location. When you arrive proceed to your table and a volunteer will come by to check you in. Exhibitors do not have to go through the registration line. If you cannot find your table, ask any volunteer. They will be able to assist you.

Please set up between 10:30 a.m. to noon.

When you arrive, there will be a sign with your organization's name on the exhibit table assigned to you. There will be hosts available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.

DRS will do our best to honor requests for electricity. Please bring power strips, extension cords and offer to share with your neighbors.

This year, we are hosting our event at the Oklahoma History Center. The exhibit tables will be throughout the building. The table floor plans are below.

Due to limited space, exhibit tables are assigned by invitation. If you have not received an invitation but want to exhibit, feel free to register as an exhibitor and you will be added to the waiting list. The waiting list is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

As always there is no cost for a table, but your organization/program must be disability-related.

In the event the Coronavirus worsens and it becomes unsafe to host this event, the in-person event will be canceled and a virtual event to bring awareness will be instituted.

2022 Awareness Day logo.

PWDAD Exhibitor Registration is important

Please help us plan ahead by registering as an exhibitor online and registering those who will be assisting you at the table.

If you include your home address on the registration, we will have your personal Senator and Representative and their room numbers looked up prior to the event and at the table when you arrive. We want to encourage everyone, even the exhibitors, to talk to Legislators or their staff about the issues that concern the disability community. No one makes a bigger impact on a Legislator than a constituent.

When you arrive at the event, get to go straight to your table you do not have to go through registration. There you will find programs in the format requested and a check-in sheet for all the registered table workers.

Join us at the Oklahoma History Center

an airplane inside the building suspended from the ceiling.

This year we will be hosting PWDAD at the Oklahoma History Center, 800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. This beautiful facility is not only made for our event by being able to hold the large number of exhibitors that we are used to but our awards program as well. No elevator waits - it's all on one floor.

Admission to the building and PWDAD is free. There is also a reduced rate to take advantage of the visit to the center, you can view their galleries and exhibits for just $4 (regularly $10 for adults) and it is free for Veterans. Take a moment to explore their website and you will be as excited as we are.

Oklahoma History Center

Where to unload?

We will have outstanding volunteers starting at 10:30 a.m. to help you unload and get through security. The west entrance is where they want your exhibit material to go through,The Oklahoma History Center requires that everyone unload their cars in the back of the building, our volunteers will help you unload and take your supplies through to your table. When you enter the building, go directly to your table and your supplies will be there.


If you have questions call Dana Tallon at (405) 951-3402 or (800) 845-8476 or email [email protected].

Be Seen, Wear Green

the green pwdad shirt

Unity comes in all forms, this year we are excited to tell you about the PWDAD t-shirts. We have created this new PWDAD design and are making them available for anyone who would like to purchase one. If you can't purchase the t-shirt - wear green and be seen.

Check out the t-shirts.