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People with Disabilities Awareness Day March 9th hosted by Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation Services

Empowering Oklahomans with Disabilities

People with Disabilities Awareness Day logo.Join us! We will be virtual in 2021 for the 26th annual People with Disabilities Awareness Day! Due to safety concerns over the coronavirus and state Capitol construction, we can’t host an on-site event. We can connect with each other from wherever we are by phone, email and social media between now and March 9. Let's all share our stories with #PWDAD2021 and create our awareness digitally.

What’s your connection to Oklahomans with disabilities? Tell your story today. Send us your testimony when you signup.

We traditionally wear green to show unity at PWDAD by wearing green. This year, why not post your selfie or group photo wearing green share on your favorite social media? Be sure to include #PWDAD2021 so we all can see it.

Thank you!

For 26 years, telling your story has been the most powerful way to engage and inform elected leaders at People with Disabilities Awareness Day at the state Capitol. Thank you. This year, our date is Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

You may have heard most space inside and outside the Capitol is not available due to construction. This means no exhibitors, entertainment or space for 900+ people with disabilities and supporters. That’s OK. We still have creative ways to share your stories and keep the PWDAD spirit alive.

Whether you’re a person with a disability, a supporter, an exhibitor, an employer or a community partner, we can reach out together with calls, emails, success stories, notes, videos and social media on or near March 10. Can we count on you? If yes, please sign up here for #PWDAD2021 updates. Connect. Reach out. And continue to tell your powerful stories.

Enter the Contest

Awareness starts with sharing positive stories that show that people with disabilities are...wait for it....people! Regular people who do things a little differently. People who succeed in the workplace. Everyone has a story that someone needs to hear. You never know who may be experiencing something very similar that you have experienced.

Be one of the lucky ones we spotlight on our social media pages and share with fellow Oklahomans. Pick a testimonial you would like to share answer a few questions, share your experience, and if chosen, your story will appear on March 9 on DRS social media pages. Send us your testimonial before Feb. 15 and see if your story makes the cut.

Enter the contest when you sign up (or just sign up to get more awareness day information).

PWDAD Agenda March 9th

Wake up —   Change your social media profile and announce your support for this day.
At your morning break —  Share other social media posts or leave a comment on one or two.
At lunch —  Encourage co-workers and friends to make some noise.
After work —  Check out all the posts everyone else posted using #PWDAD2021

See what's happening March 9th

Let us see your pics - #PWDAD2021

a group of people standing outside their office smiling for the camera.

Yes, we should wear green!

Wear green in the selfie you and your friends post on your favorite social media or email it to us and we'll post! [email protected]

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