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People with Disabilities Awareness Day Registration

For Starters
Will you be working at an exhibit table or booth part of the day or all?
Contact Information
Do you require any accommodations?
Exhibit Booths
Please note: Exhibit tables are offered to organizations by invitation. If you would like an exhibit table please sign up for the waiting list (question number 1).
How you would like it written in the program.
The number of 8-foot tables are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. DRS programs exhibit tables are 6-foot tables only.
You must indicate how many chairs you need at the event. Due to the activity at the facility, we won't be able to supply extra chairs on the day of the event.
By including their email address, if they don't register, which we hope they do, we can still email them how to unload and reload, where your table will be, and other key information.
DRS Employees
Group Registration
If you bring a group of 10 or more people to speed up your registration process, please bring a list of all the individuals names with you and turn it in at the registration table. The volunteers will give you enough programs for your group and send you on your way to enjoy the event.